Nescafe Basement season 5 after a long wait of almost 2 years is all set to air on 1st February 2019.
Announcing season 5 with an upbeat ‘Jaagna Toh Parega’, the music video is a one take / single shot video that features 40+ artists performing live on the floor.

It will not be a lie if I say that working alongside Xulfi is considered as a recognized springboard for launching the career of many artists.

How NESCAFE BASEMENT Started: ”What’s brewing in the basement?’

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In 2012 Xulfi announced the first season of Nescafe Basement and said: “”My country’s music scene has given me everything that has made me what I am today. The recognition, the respect and lastly, and most importantly, the responsibility to give something back to it, to contribute. ”Nescafe Basement” in which I unearthed and recruited 15 aspiring and unknown young musicians having rare and genuine music talent from all over Pakistan is hopefully one big step towards that”

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Nescafe Basement is Xulfi’s brain child, and thats not all, he hand picks the talent and mentors them too.
Nescafe Basement is directed by Murtaza Niaz (Murzie) while the video production is by PMR Studio Works.

Watch Jaagna Toh Parega – Nescafe Basement Season 5

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