‘Bayaan’, the concept behind making and naming the band was simple… Narrate thoughts and feelings in the simplest of manner.

Literally, the word ‘Bayaan’ refers to a statement regarding a particular subject. As a band, Bayaan aims to express their perspective of worldly human experiences and how they affect every single individual through their music. As quoted by the band members, ‘we aspire to defy the status-quo of constricting to a specific genre or style by creating music that knows no bounds.’

Bayaan formed in 2014 has 5 members:

1. Asfar Hussain – Vocals – Bachelors in Musicology from NCA

2. Haider Abbas – Bass – BSc from LUMS

3. Muqueet Shahzad – Guitars – Bsc from LUMS

4. Mansoor Lashari – Drums – BBA from LSE

5. Shahrukh Aslam – Guitars – Bsc from LUMS

Xulfi penned a heart felt note for the Bayaan boys, a few days ago on his facebook, where he proudly shared the story of his boys, and introduced the ways he knows them to the world.


A story that began at Nescafe Basement continues at Pepsi Battle Of The Bands. Now that’s a win for music. I want to tell the story of how I discovered these talented assets to the music of our country.

Asfar Hussain

It was 2012. I was in NCA for Nescafe Basement Season 1 Auditions and there I heard Asfar. A heavenly voice from the mountains. He sang Raza-e-Fitna and Tau Kia Huwa for me. I was so excited that I’ve discovered a songwriter!

Mansoor Lashari

Again 2012, I was judging a music competition when I saw a band performing. I noticed their drummer has an immaculate sense of the instrument and is performing with a lot of intelligence and energy. A great combo. That was Mansoor. I knew I have to him on my Basement team soon. Called him up. Told him I’m Xulfi and he’s been recruited for Nescafe Basement. Later I learned that he thought someone was pulling a prank on him pretending to be Xulfi.

Haider Abbas

Again 2012, Nescafe Basement Auditions at LUMS. And there I saw a bassist who was proud to be a bassist. A good bassist is always a rare commodity. But I knew I’ve found one in Haider Abbas. He played his heart out for me at the audition. I knew I had found my bassist for NB, but with a different hairstyle than he sports now.

Shahrukh Aslam

2012 .. Nescafe Basement’s first ever jam. I got to know of a guitarist who wanted to be a part of the mission that is Nescafe Basement. Called him up to be at the jam. Told him to plug the guitar in and just play. And he has never disappointed ever since. Shahrukh, a skilful progressive guitarist with a brilliant work ethic.

Asfar, Mansoor, Haider and Shahrukh musically met at Nescafe Basement that day and jammed with the rest of the Basement artists for two months. Mentoring them was a beautiful experience because I could see their chemistry growing.. I could see the evolution… and finally becoming a beautiful story to come out of Nescafe Basement. Bayaan.

Asfar, Muqueet Shahzad, Mansoor, Shahrukh and Haider I’m proud of you for sticking to your true calling, never giving up, inspiring each other and finding friends for lifetime in each other. You are lucky and you’re blessed. Doesn’t matter if you win at Pepsi or not, you won me over at jam day 1 in 2012 because I could clearly see your passion is there to stay. You already know that my love, prayers and wishes have always been with you. And they’ll remain with you on each step of your musical journey. With you guys in the final, I feel it’s me in the final too. Itni khushi hai. That’s how much I’m proud of you. People, vote for Bayaan at #PepsiBattleOfTheBands by texting B to 8042. It’s a story that matters and one that needs your support right now!

Today, I can choose to share any of your remarkable performances at Pepsi, but I choose to share the beginning. I can’t forget that jam at the rooftop that made the song what it became. Tau Kia Huwa at #NescafeBasement Season 1.

Your friend and mentor for life,


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