Zindabad (Drum Anthem) by Call feat. The Drummers of Pakistan

#CALL and the #DrummersOfPakistan of all ages come together to chant the prayer “Pakistan Zindabad” and celebrate the freedom, hope and identity that binds us as one.

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#DrumAnthem #Zindabad is an ode to our homeland and a symbol of our unity. 40 Drummers and percussionists from across Pakistan which include Allan Smith, Bilawal Lahooti, Daud Ramay, Fahad Khan, Faizan, Fifu, Gumby, Kashif, Kenny, Mansoor, Mishal, Omair, Quadrum, Salman Albert, Samad, Shahzeb, Sharoon, Shahraize, Veeru Shan, Waleed, Yousuf Ramay, Zaigham, Zeeshan and Zubair just to name a few have came together under one banner “Pakistan Zindabad”.

Vocals: Junaid Khan
Guitars: Xulfi & Sultan Raja
Bass: Farhan Ali
Lyrics: Xulfi & Sami Khan
Associate Music Producer: Sherry Khattak
Audio Tech On Set: Umer Lahooti
Music Produced by Xulfi

Mixed at Xth Harmonic
Mastered at Waltz mastering by Tom Waltz, Massachusetts (USA)

Directed by Murtaza Niaz
DOP: Aamir Mughal
2nd Unit Camera: Adnan Aslam, Zaid Safdar, Danyal Shafeeq
Assistant Director: Bilal Haider
Line Producer: Ahmed Waqas
Edit: Murtaza Niaz & Bilal Haider
Post: PMR Studio Works

Creative: Giraffe Pakistan
Project Head: Saad Mahboob (PMRStudioworks)
Production Manager: Faraz Hassan
Production Team: Sherry Shehbaz, Muhammad Naqi
A Giraffe & PMRStudiosWorks Production

#PakistanZindabad #PMR #PakistanDay #Giraffe

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