Is rap music a natural form of art that speaks for brutal and savage times we live in; or is it a genre that camouflages artistic freedom to incites violence and promotes prejudice, hatred, mistrust and dislikes for females of all age groups?
Blaming or holding a rapper accountable for his dirty lyrics, i feel shows that the listener has no understanding of both the music and the difficulties of social problems. 

Hip-hop artistes see, hear, experience and feel around them, is what they rap about. 

Soundtrack Power Di Game by Xpolymer Dar for Mahira Khan starter Verna has been the buzz lately.

While ‘Ulo ki patthi’ in Xploymer Dar’s Power Di Game may be derogatory to some, but if you see the Pakistani culture, the concept of Mardangi/manliness is determined by the way men ‘treat’ their women. Banning or censoring songs like Power Di Game is not an answer.

Educating the Pakistani society as to what they believe and think about a woman is the right solution. And Ironically, the education ought to start with the Pakistani woman herself.

She needs to stop weeping when she has a girl child. Our society sadly, rejoices when a boy is born. Many are known to ill treat daughters by deprivation, or not giving their daughter a proper education and force feeds their son so that he becomes a hatta-katta jawan.

The message in Power di Game simply reflects the rights and wrongs of our society. 


Power Di Game is expressed in way that might have been uncomfortable for some to hear, but Xpolymer Dar’s job being an artist was not to silence and censor the expression.

Not all rap music is bad. History has witnessed revolutionary changes that have come through rap music in society. Hip-Hop artists usually vent out and express their frustrations by finding an emotional outlet through music.

Rappers, we need to understand are not like pop artistes. Rapper’s exist to bend the rules. It is you and I, who need to make up our minds on whether we believe in freedom of speech or not.

Watch Verna’s Soundtrack Power Di Game by Xpolymer Dar featuring Mahira Khan and Haroon

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