‘Heartbroken’ stars and rock music fans around the world are paying tribute to Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington, who has died at the age of 41. Bennington’s death has left the music world stunned. 

Though it’s been a month now, but this hasn’t stopped fans from continuing to pay tribute to the Linkin Park singer.
One such duo, deeply hurt and heartbroken is of Turab and Parizae.

Known for their fiery chemistry and brilliant performance in Nescafe Basement season 2 with What Do You Want – a rendition of Adam Albert’s original, both Turab and Parizae have made a mark of their own. 

The recently engaged couple, gave a heart warming tribute to Chester Bennington by covering Linkin Park’s song Heavy. The original version also features Kiiara. 
The tribute on the guitar and piano gives the track a completely different feel to Bennington’s rock original.

“Listening to Hybrid Theory as a kid was one of the best decisions I ever made. The amalgamation of rock and rap was totally unheard of and was frankly mindblowing. The lyrical content was real, relatable, and intense. And the vocalist, the vocalist was like no one I had ever heard before. The power and emotion in his voice was overwhelming and inspired me to pick up on singing and songwriting. If it wasn’t for Linkin Park, I might have never picked up a guitar or experienced the joy of music. If it wasn’t for that vocalist, I wouldn’t have become the musician or the person I am today. 
Thank you for everything. This one’s for you, Chester.” – said Turab Khan while sharing the video on his Facebook page.

While Pariaze to penned a heartfelt message and said “This one’s for you. We felt every word and every breath sung in this song, and we want to dedicate this to you. We miss you, Chester.
Love you always, 
Parizae and Turaab”

The video is directed by Xulfi.
Director Xulfi
DOP is by Sibtain Khalid. 
Lighting Director and Editor – Sherry Khattak
Music Produced by Turaab Khan
Mixed at Xth Harmonic Studios
Audio Mastered by Tom Waltz, Waltz Mastering, USA.
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