It took quite a few minutes for the government to first ban and latter unban the movie “MAALIK” in Sindh. As the news of the movie being banned spread like wildfire, people took to social media to mock the government of Sindh for banning the film.

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Maalik movie banned reason : real life mai tu cm sindh marta nhi, film mai mar gaya 😛 tu yeh baat qaim ali shah ko buri lagi, k cm sindh kyu marha ?   -blogged a blogger somewhere.

#Maalik displayed more controversial content, than just the word CM, but Sindh govt couldn’t          notice anything else than mentions about boss.  -Tweeted Geo Sports Anchor Faizan Lakhani.

The movie #Maalik will be pretty divisive in identifying ideologies. PTI/PSP/Mush/Fauji types will adore it; all the rest will abhor! -Tweeted another Twitter user Mosa Durrani.


The ban on the movie and then the instant lifting of the ban, is a result of a chaos created on social media. The fans took to social media to bash the government of Sindh for banning the film.

Congratulations everyone, your voice was not unheard and the movie is not unbanned.

Go to your nearest cinemas to enjoy the movie and do share the review about the film with PMR.

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