Sumail Hassan’s Accomplishments Recognized by Guinness Records
The world has opened its arms totally open for Sumail Hassan. The 16-year old Pakistani kid has packed away another award as Guinness World Records authoritatively enrolls his name as the most youthful gamer to win $1 million in e-Sports rewards.

Sumail earned this accomplishment after his group won The International Dota 2 Championships 2015, the greatest e-sports competition in history with a general money prize of US$ 18,429,613.

Sumail’s group Evil Geniuses won a staggering triumph making US$6,630,109 (£4,253,042) in the money prize. His group cavorted with a 3-1 triumph against CDEC in the finals on eighth August 2015.

Sumail Hassan, 16 years 2 months 21 days old at the season of triumph has earned a bonny measure of $1,639,867 (£1,052,141) after his group’s win at The International 2015 competition. The prize cash upraised his income to a bewildering level concealing him the most youthful mogul on the planet.

Dota2 Asian Championship 2015

Sumail otherwise known as Suma1l first got open consideration before in February this year when he helped his group win Dota 2 Asian Championship in China, where his group made US$ 1.2 million in real money prize.

With his summon on the amusement and quickly developing high yielding notoriety of Dota 2, the future sparkles brighter for the kid.

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