Fawad Khan & Farhad Humayun: Brand Ambassador of Samsung Pakistan 

Lahore: Fawad Khan has now been signed as the new face and Brand Ambassador of Samsung Pakistan’s upcoming Flagships of Galaxy series along with Farhad Humayun. Josh will continue as a Brand Ambassador of Samsung.

fawad khan and farhad humayun samsung pakistan dummies

Fareedullah Jan, the Head of Samsung’s Hand-Held Products (HHP) division said, “Samsung has had successful journeys with all its brand ambassadors and now the addition of Fawad Khan and Farhad Humayun in the Samsung Family, as the new Brand Ambassadors is also a very promising initiative for the company and the celebs.”

The event was managed and organized by well known Lahore based company JBnJaws Productions.

The high-profiled event was attended by the celebrities, company’s officials, bloggers and media personnel. As the advertisement of Samsung smartphone, featuring Fawad Khan, is on-air already, and Farhad Humayun joining Samsung officially would be exciting for their fans.

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