Call ready to reunite soon with Junaid Khan

Music Industry of Pakistan have seen much up and down scenarios where security situation and political has given major setback to this industry. On the other hand top notch bands have been seen disbanding over the decade such as Junoon, EP, Jal and the list goes on. Recently there have been several questions being raised about the renowned band Call Band which disbanded last year after Xulfi and Junaid parted their ways due to being busy in personal projects. Now day’s rumors are being spread about the band members now finally deciding reunite the band.

Recently statuses on facebook of some people were questioning about the reuniting of the band while Xulfi the lead guitarist of Call Band had put up the band Display Picture which is shown below. With the signs following Team PMR has tried talking to Xulfi & Murtaza Niaz the manager of Call Band about this rumor but both have been silent over this matter.

zulfi fb screenshot

We hope to have some good news about Call Band as fans have missed the Lahore based Rock Band for its music and live performances.

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