What Fawad Khan really means? ‘I am emotionally attached to Sonam Kapoor’

Ever since entering Bollywood, the Pakistani heartthrob is being constantly seen in the news. With success of ‘Khoobsurat’ both co-stars Sonam and Fawad has raised speculation as well. Being highly praised for the existing chemistry between the two, Fawad in a recent interview to Hindustan Times has surely put many in some doubts.

Fawad is back to the news after he revealed that his relationship with co-star Sonam Kapoor is not limited to the sets only but rather both are enjoying a very good friendship as well.

Reports also say that Fawad and Sonam are in constant touch with each other too.

Acknowledging the reports, Fawad said: ‘I am emotionally attached to Sonam. I really enjoy her company. I really want to work with her and the whole team again.’

Fawad was recently declared as India’s fifth best actor and also has many offers on his table currently but it’s also expected that he would been alongside Sonam Kapoor yet again in a movie ‘Battle of Bittora’, based on a novel by writter Anuja Chauhan.

‘I know that there is a film being planned with Sonam and me. This is one of the offers I have. Let’s see what happens eventually,’ Fawad added.

So, what is cooking? We’ll have to wait and see what he really meant. But one thing we are sure of and that is Fawad has indeed already left his marks in Bollywood and continues to do so.

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