Syed Mustafa Arshad – Unkahi with Lyrics (Download Audio)


Artist – Syed Mustafa Arshad
Song- Unkahi
Composition & Lyrics- Syed Mustafa Arshad
Violinist: Uncle Javed Iqbal (Coke Studio)
Guitars: Rabi Ahmed
Production- PMR Studios (Adnan Dhuul & Rabi Ahmed)


‘Unkahi’ depicts the concept that every one of us when born is like a blank piece of paper, born with the capability to do anything we put our minds to. Society shapes and moulds us throughout our lives as per its needs to fit social norms and traditions. In this process of pseudo-evolution, our own dreams are suppressed by the demands and expectations of others. In time, we become the killers of our own dreams striving to achieve what others expect from us. Only by freeing our souls from this slavery of expectations can we achieve our dreams and truly find ourselves.

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Doob janay Do, Khawabo Mai Kahi, Unkahi Daastan
Madham Si Fiza, tham Sa Gya Waqt ka Silsila

Door Kahi, Door Kahi,
Main Khara Reh Gya, Main Khara Reh Gya

Sochu Main Khud ko yun Pehchanu Na
Mujh Mai to Mar k bhi zinda hai yeh jahan
Sun Sun Sun to Zra, Koi to Keh Raha, Aankho Mai Nam Yaha

Door Kahi, Door Kahi,
Main Khara Reh Gya, Main Khara Reh Gya

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