Close Up Pakistan & Ali Gul Pir in search of ‘Viral Saeen 2013’


Close Up Pakistan has come up with Pakistan’s first ever Internet based reality show. Together
with Ali Gul Pir who is known all over Pakistan after his debut music video Saeen to Saeen,
Close up is looking for The Next Close up Viral Saeen. His video went massive in terms of
virality from people singing, humming his tunes to different memes and Facebook pages running
around the same concept of Saeen to Saeen. Ali Gul Pir is Close Up’s current Viral Saeen, would
you want to be the NEXT?

Ali Gul Pir is looking for that creative idea which has the spark of going viral. Close up Pakistan
has launched the promo video inviting candidates to submit their ideas, out of which top 3
will be selected by the brand and Ali Gul Pir. Ali Gul Pir and team will help the top 3 finalists
with producing their own video and going viral. The virality of top 3 videos will be monitored,
Virality in terms of Likes and Shares. The video with maximum likes and shares will win a
CANON EOS 7D and a Closeup Confidence Video Contract. Interesting isn’t it? Send in your
entries now at , by the 28th of March 2013. For more details log on to or call 0800-13000

Check out official promotional images; explaining the selection and winning criteria.

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