Despite the unpleasant words and Bebo thumkas fat, fevicol if a song is funny voice that makes you tap your feet and move your shoulders

As Salman Khan and Kareena Kapoor groove fevicol himself in Dabangg 2 will dazzle you with their contagious energy. Mamta Sharma integrates voice feeling of energy perfectly.The Desi qawwali song and the quality of the song is very reminiscent of Altaf Raja Pardesi Pardesi famous song. Kareena kills with its uninhibited movements and Salman Khan plays the rogue friendly, the Court Service and synchronize your steps with jhatkas.

Kareena looks gorgeous in her life and low ghagras Salman seems very shady in his bright red shirt. We dig this song and feel shameful track Massy. And “one of those songs that will make you cringe, but you can shake a leg while looking at the person. A delight for the masses, fevicol if it is safe not only appeal to the rickshaw wallahs, bar owners and taporis, but die-hard fans of Bollywood who do not mind getting down and dirty whenever in a while “… what to say, readers?

Fevicol Se Dabangg 2 Video Song

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