MUMBAI: Afghan President Hamid Karzai urged the Indian producers to come and film in his country. He promised security and providing logistical support for filmmakers.

According to a report in TOI: director Mahesh Bhatt, who was part of the delegation met with Karzai film, he said, “Karzai told how the appetite for entertainment has been a spike in his country nearly 35 channels began. distribute all types of content in Afghanistan. Our films and television series are on a rampage. ”

Afghanistan was one of the biggest markets in Bollywood films until the early 1990s.

Even during the war, Hindi films were screened in cinemas in Kabul. Bhatt adds, “Karzai said that the time has come for the Indian film industry to renew son from where we left off and build strong links with cinema in Afghanistan. He welcomed us with open arms to come and shoot there. He assured that his government will give us all the logistical support. ‘

Karzai, who is fluent in Hindi, spoken by actors like Meena Kumari and Rajendra Kumar. Secretary General FWICE, Dinesh Chaturvedi, said: “He knew most of our actors and actresses and is more than happy to see our movie release in Afghanistan.”

Karzai also said there are so many things in common in the culture of our two countries and we need to celebrate.

Arshad Warsi, who shot his film Kabul Express in Afghanistan, also attended the meeting. He said: “Karzai has assured us that it is absolutely safe to shoot films in Afghanistan There are about 35 TV channels there, and most of them are Indians.”.

Other films shot in Afghanistan Khuda Gawah, Escape from Taliban and Dharmatma.

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