ISLAMABAD: Interior Minister Rehman Malik said Thursday that a committee was formed to review the ban on video sharing site YouTube.
The minister said that the committee will first ask the software to help monitor the contents of the controversial be downloaded from the website.
Tuesday, Malik had tweeted saying that he will do his best to lift the ban on YouTube, even if the question does not fall within the jurisdiction of his ministry.
SIM Mobile to provide
Malik talking to the media, said that the sale of Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) market will be interrupted by the first of December and all new SIM cards will be sent by the respective companies mobile phone to the addresses listed on the National ID card (NIC) .
He also urged the current mobile phone users to get their SIM cards registered by November 30 and also asked mobile phone companies to open new offices for the verification of SIM cards.
Muharram security
The minister assured that the strict security measures are taken to prevent any untoward incident during the month of Muharram.
Chairing a meeting on law and order situation, Malik said that the government has received threats of terrorism during Muharram and measures will be taken to address them.
He added that the helicopters and CCTV cameras will be used to monitor Muharram processions, and additional quotas police deployed outside mosques and Imambargahs.
Replying to a question, Rehman Malik said some elements want to provoke sectarianism, but people should remain united to foil their evil designs.

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