Ali Zafar gave an electrifying performance at the Punjab Youth Festival 2012 in front of a crowd
of 70, 000 people. With renditions of some of his most popular hits, he soon got the crowd
jumping on its feet in time to the music. People from all walks of life and professions were
openly invited and urged to participate in the Punjab Youth Festival 2012 which was initiated by
CM Shahbaz Sharif.

This record breaking activity, which saw the largest human flag being made by 70,000 people,
lead the Punjab Youth Festival into the Guinness World Records directory for “most people
singing the national anthem simultaneously”. The Festival was embraced and endorsed by a
number of Pakistani celebrities including actor, singer and humanitarian, Ali Zafar.

Ali gave a rousing performance at the Festival to get the audience pumped up about the initiative
to see a developed and prosperous Punjab being led by the youth of this country. He also used
the social mediums of Twitter and Facebook to keep his fans around the globe updated about
happenings at the events and also posted backstage pictures allowing people everywhere to
comment and stay connected. This lead to a number of people coming to join the event also.
Joining the ranks of Ali’s admirers, CM Shahbaz Sharif was also quick to praise Ali Zafar on his

This has been by far the largest show of unity in Pakistan’s recent tumultuous history and
proves that if motivated and given the chance, they will not be afraid to stand up for what they
believe in. The festival turned out to be the largest event ever to be held around the globe. It
encompassed and covered 50,000 sports and youth development councils from neighborhood
and village level to district level. A total of 3464 Union Councils, 137 Tehsils, 36 Districts, 9
Divisions took part in this inspired festival which celebrated the youth of Pakistan.

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