My country’s music scene has given me everything that has made me what I am today. The recognition, the respect and lastly, and most importantly, the responsibillity to give something back to it, to contribute. ”Nescafe Basement” in which I unearthed and recruited 15 aspring and unknown young musicians having rare and genuine music talent from all over pakistan is hopefully one big step towards

that. This music, that I along with these musicians, have created by jamming our hearts out for 2 months, will be aired from tomorrow onwards on aplus, tv one, style 360, oxygene, play tv, metro one. Witness the future of pakistani music and get blown away by the fresh new sound of the Nescafe Basement. Trust me, all of you are going to love it. Best time to catch the songs is between 6 pm to 10 pm on the channels I mentioned. Will love everyone’s feedback! – Xulfi J. Khan (Zulfiqar J. Khan from band Call)

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