Some Words From Ali Imtiaz :
First of all I wrote this song for myself, but after a while thought my nation needs it more than me so changed some lyrics afterwards. Had two concepts for this song. Firstly thought of making it’s remix as well so both of concepts would be directed for song. But later due to some reasons couldn’t make a remix. So had to compress both concepts into one. This song is dedicated to The Assets – The students of Pakistan who have deprived themselves from studies. Also and Specially dedicated to People of Pakistan and Pakistan Cricket Team. You guys will love it.

Song : AGAIN
Vocals : Ali Imtiaz
Lyricist : Ali Imtiaz
Composer : Ali Imtiaz
Music : Hassaan – Shehreyar ( Krypton Guys )
Music Produced : Rhythm Music and Productions, XeKryps Studio and Productions
Director : Ali Imtiaz

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