Hey everyone..the wait is finally over. I am so glad to share this video to all of you..it has been very dear to me. I would like to thank those individuals who actually made this project possible..
Firstly, Jennifer Jandris for such a gorgeous and talented singer for believing in this song and going through this till the end so patiently.
Girard Peter, for being such an amazing photographer and giving life to my concept. When i saw his work, the first picture i saw, i knew he was the right man for the job. Thanks Girard a million..
Sami Khan, for turning the song, that was going around in my head into reality. We made this possible after alot of hardwork. The song couldnt sound any better than this.. great work sami..
Afzal bhai, for doing great work in terms of mixing and mastering.
Tahir Ali for rescuing us in the final edit.. While shooting i knew i missed out on something but you covered it out really well in the end..

and above all The All Mighty for giving us all the strength and knowledge to make this all possible.

Enjoy the track and a very happy valentines day to all of you. Spread the message of love to everyone around.

Cheers 🙂




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