Junaid Khan, who has been associated as the lead vocalist of The Band Call for the past 8 years has now joined hands with his friend from USA, Jennifer Jandris for their upcoming song So Close So Distant.

While talking to PMR, Junaid was asked about his experience and the release date of the song. Junaid replied “Experience was great. I directed it myself so excited about the result of the video. Composed and wrote the song myself. Promo will be release in the coming few days”

On song, Junaid Khan said, it will be rock ballad.

On asking As it will be released around Valentines will it be romantic one? .. he replied: “Its about two people in a distant relationship so yes it will be romantic one 😉 “

Well Junaid seems to be very excited about his upcoming song. Lets just wish him good luck for the song 🙂

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