Lyrics : Reign of fire

Halo of thorns
Gun point desire
Up yours Sire
I can’t be bought and for sure can’t be slayed
For you shall be tortured to dig your own grave
No stranger to misery stronger I be
Son of a Bitch time to bend on your knees


Burning soul
Vengeful heart
Left to rot
None is forgot

I won’t back down and for sure won’t be sleighed
I’ll cut through your chest and will pull out your veins!

Heavens part till your demise

Fuming, longing reprisal
Endless, retribution
Falling from down under
Broken forsaken

Now its time for you to find
Broken glass is more benign
Fools errand trying to break me
Bloodshot eyes reign of fury

Live in denial
Walls they collapse
Fuck off and die

Hallowed halls they cannot retain
Lies your cries my hate
I’ll rise up
Rip your face apart
Smash you down
Skin you inside out
Of a new age relent

Justice aint blind
It sees you hiding inside
Forgiven are those who die
Tonight you shall absolve

Nothing you’ll leave behind
Everything you try to hide
Reveals in one last cry
Beneath our feet dissolve


Make my way to your den
Open fire at your end
Watch you burn in your hell
I hope soon you get well

Watch me soar
In the sky
When fools die
Others make their way inside
I’m still here awake

Walls they collapse!
Walls they collapse!

Walls they collapse!


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