Laal BandLaal is a social political band which consists of the guitarist Taimur Rahman , Shahram Azhar the student of Taimur, Mrs Taimur Rahman as backing vocalist And Taimur’s cousin Haider on Flute. Laal has released two albums Umeed e Sahar in 2009/ I think LAAL is interesting because One unknown fact of Laal is that much of the music that has become so famous with the launch of there debut album was written over a decade ago while Taimur Rahman was a college student. In college he formed a band called “counter-culture”. This band had a peurto rican drummer (Carlos Ramos), a philipine bass player, a vocalist (Aron Racho) and a lead guitarist (Juha Savolinin). They played a mixture of music that derived from each of their traditions and they claim that it was an enriching experience to hear and play music from so many different corners of the world. So The music of Umeed e Sahar was an instrumental track that Taimur conceived a decade ago. Similar with Kal Aaj Aur Kal which was also an Instrumental track that was composed on the murders in Karachi in 1990. Na Juda similarly was a track he created by getting inspired of Bruce Springsteen according to the band’s guitarist. One of the hardest transitions they had to make in the recent past was losing their vocalist temporarily. When Shahram left for the US to begin his Phd, they were confronted with the very real choice of disbanding. Because Replacing the vocalist is the hardest thing for a band as i guess. But LAAL members decided that They must continue their journey of awakening and enlightening the people through music. Finally Taimurdecided to hire a Ustad and begin training to improve his vocals. Now after a year of training he is confident enough to release a new album and this will come out simultaneously in Pakistan and India. In India they are being released by Times Music India and in Pakistan by Fire Records.

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