Band: Laal

Song: You Give Me Hope Malala

Inspired by Eddie Grant’s “Gimme Hope Joanna”.

Filmed at True Brew Records.

Camera: Sherry. Mahvash, Taimur, Haider, Salman, Nadeem


Well the Taliban they run the country
From the north of Wazirstan
They make a few of their people happy
They don’t care about the rest of them

They’ve got a system just like Apartheid
They keep women in subjection
Maybe Malala will make them all see
How everybody could live as one

She gives me hope

I hear they get all the Saudi money
To buy new weapons in the shape of guns
While every mother in Pakistan fears
The killing of another son

Sneaking across of the neighbors borders
Now and again having little fun
They don’t care if the fun and games they play
Are dangerous to everyone

She gives me hope

They have supporter in higher places
Who turn their heads to the city sun
And they given them the fancy money
To tempt anyone who come

They even know how to swing opinion
On every channel of the media
For every bad move that these extremists make
They got a good explanation

She gives me hope

Even the Sufis who work for onness
And abstain from violence
Together say that the peoples power will
Overcome the very strong

I wanna know if you’re blind Taliban
If you wanna hear the sound of drums
Can’t you see that the tide is turning
Don’t make me wait till the morning comes

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