As we recently heard that Farhan Saeed (lead vocalist) of Jal The Band, left Jal with a vindication of having some problems with Gohar Mumtaz (owner). This rumor was later denied by Farhan himself and Jal’s ex-manager. Leaving this controversy, Farhan continued to work for a solo in a Bollywood movie ‘Qasam say Qasam say’ and then a new single of the singer came out tonight. So now the question arises that “What’s going on? Is Farhan starting to make his name in the music industry as a solo artist to make his own future and has planned to leave Jal in future, because whenever there’s a rumor, there’s something wrong!” All the story and facts indicate that there are some issues between the members of Jal which need to be resolved immediately. So where does this takes you to? Is Jal The Band going to split or this is merely a story?

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