Live performance of QB cancelled, Who is at fault the Manager of QB or the Event Management Company?…

Recently an event was published on Facebook which is taking place on the 25th June, 2011 in Lahore and is Pizza Pizzaz 1st Anniversary Celebration. It is being managed by Verve Event Management and QB- Qurat ul Ain Balouch was performing live in that event. While this was being promoted online there was change in management of QB as first the manager was Ali Chaudry and now it is DJ Maq, also the manager of Jal.

Suddenly couple of days later The management company sent a message saying:
“Dear All,
We are saddened to announce that unfortunately QB will no longer be performing at the 1st Anniversary of Pizza Pizzaz. The inconvenience has been caused due to the un-professionalism of the artist and her team by changing their commitment to us at the eleventh hour.”

Whereas DJ Maq replies
Dear Fans,

This is to inform you guys that the performance of QB for you at Pizza Pizzaz has be cancelled due to issue of the management of the venue. This performance was initally planned solely FREE for QB fans, but the management started selling tickets and reserving tables, which was a breach in the initial commitment by the management of Pizza Pizzaz as we had planed the performance for free.

So for all the QB fans, do not get disappointed because we are planning for her to perform for you all, free of cost at CAFE ROCK



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