Media is all about gossips and especially gossips related to current HOTTEST topic in the town. I hope you can guess about the topic I am going to talk. Oh yeah it is about Coke Studio.

Coke Studio this year has been quite involved in controversies. Just a quick recap towards the controversies this year of Coke studio starting from leaking pictures of Jal, QB and Rabbi Shergil jamming , Rabbi Shergil Dropping from Coke Studio , Express Tribune Aamir Zaki and Rohail Hyatt controversy and leakage of songs/videos of coke studio from its official fan page. Reminder the controversies are not over yet I repeat controversies are not over yet. There are three reasons for that , firstly I think I missed few controversies πŸ˜€ secondly, the season 4 of Coke studio is not over yet and thirdly and the most important one , PMR just got involved with Coke Studio in a controversy.

Yes, this article is about the PMR and Coke Studio controversy. This is a very exclusive controversy brought to you solely by , co – sponsored by πŸ˜› Few days back PMR administrator Sohaib Shah called me in a very exciting mood letting me know that he got banned on Coke Studio official page. He is not allowed to post anything. Lol that was fascinating , at that time I told him to relax and confirmed him that I will post the PMR links related to Coke Studio at the official page of Coke Studio. Just when Coke Studio season 4 episode 3 started to get aired, PMR was quite early to put the audios/videos and lyrics of coke studio and we started promoting the one of the proud of Pakistan, Coke Studio through our ways . I posted PMR links at the official Coke Studio fan page too when I was promoting it.

Next day when I went to Coke Studio to check what is happening at the page, I got to know that I have been banned from posting at the page like Sohaib 😐 Dear Coke studio, what was that? I was not spamming at your page , I was just promoting your videos your audios your artists lyrics through the PMR platform. What is so wrong in it? Yes I know I maybe wrong somewhere but hey at least let us know why we are banned at the page?

To be honest, the whole purpose to write this article is to convey our question and message to Coke Studio management. Please let us know why we are banned? Oh yeah your banned might not stop us because we PMR a team and we will keep on promoting on of the pride of Pakistan no matter what obstacles are put in our way! If possible please do unblock me and Sohaib Shah πŸ™‚

Dude Sohaib i am really sorry for not understanding your feelings and emotions at the time when you got to know that you were banned from posting at fan page of Coke Studio. Now i can 😐
The sad part is that I won’t be myself able to post this article on the Coke studio fan page πŸ™

P.S: This article was published just for fun. No offence to anyone though the story mentioned in it is extremely real with no fictious characters also I know this article is lame, so kindly please do post your lame comments so that the lameness of this article can be appreciated

Note: This lame article is written by Arsal A. Jafri

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  1. Bahahaha… This Reminds me of the old time ‘WHEN I USED TO BE A KID & THEY WONT LET ME HAVE A RIDE IN THAT ROLLER COASTER ‘ -_-

  2. never kknew pmr have kids operating the website, and are so called administrators

    gud story really! bt so childish!


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