Once again Royal Rodale Club with collaboration of Studio Maxx presentations (and PMR as one of the support partners) swiftly organized an extraordinary night at the Royal Rodale rooftop which was jam packed with loads of talent on the night which had as the main performers the hugely talented and versatile and the brand name itself ’JAL’ performing after almost 1.5 years in Karachi. Coming back after 1.5 years in front of a good music and excitement awaiting Karachiites crowd meant that they were expecting a lot from the trio of the band ‘Jal’ and the band thoroughly lived up to their expectations and didn’t let them down at all. As the Royal Rodale always promotes the young, upcoming talent, therefore implementing their fine policy, the night eventually started off and started off well with a young band named ‘Exile’ comprising of 5 members performing on their own song ‘Sarkash’ and then a couple of other songs as well, all the members of the band performed very well and then it was the turn of a very creative/ innovative rapper ‘Qzer’ who performed on his own work mixed with a song or two of ‘Jal-the band’ as well. To further set the tone for the main attraction of the night that was obviously ‘Jal- the band’, a young solo artist (singer & guitarist) Syed Zia uddin Quadri relished the opportunity of performing on the stage of Royal Rodale. All the youngsters were motivated well by the host of the night Dj Bobby, who then count downed in descending order, further creating a pulsating build up to the main event because by this time the crowd was completely warmed up and was just dying now to listen to one of the finest band of Pakistan and the sub-continent ‘Jal’. There then came the band Jal with a huge round of applause and both boys & girls, young and old, kids cheering for the trio. The band introduced itself to the crowd although they didn’t need any introduction as I mentioned before they are a brand name itself in the music industry. But there also was a well known name of the music industry other than Jal and that was Salman Albert (from EP) the band on the drums. The band started with the beautiful song from their first album comprising of some very beautiful tunes “Teri yaad” was perfectly chosen by Jal as the starter for their performance on the night which was followed by their first ever televised song “Wo lamhey” which completely got the crowds on their feet. Then came the song which was dedicated to the youth of Pakistan trying to make them believe that they have the potential to turn around the tables for their country and make it a very successful and prosperous country , the song was “Dil tu rona nhi”. The most appreciative part of the whole event was the tribute to the legend Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan by performing on one of his many epic songs in their own style. Up till now Farhan (lead vocalist) was singing the basic part of the songs with Gohar bacing up with some of his own singing but then Gohar took over from Farhan to sing “humein itna pyar” originally sung in his own voice. This take over as the lead vocalist for a while made the crowd even more excited and ecstatic as they wanted Gohar as well to sing which eventually did happen. And now Farhan was backing up with his vocals. After that Farhan himself sang “Sakhi Shahbaz Qalander” which made the crowd scream their loudest and was really performed well by Jal-the band at the night. Then a rich array of songs was sung (both from their own albums and some old bollywood songs) by Farhan & Gohar mainly by Farhan. All these songs were thoroughly enjoyed and the whole crowd was overwhelmed by the melodious performances executed by the band. The night got into another phase when the song which was dedicated to all the lovers, couples present was sung and that was Jal’s recent song sung at the Coke studio “Ik arzu” which also added to the night’s exuberance. The multi talented Abdullah Farhatulllah and the very beautiful and talented Vj Urwah were also present at the Royal Rodale rooftop to support their friends Jal-the band. Then came the most awaited and demanded song of the night “Sajni” to which the audience moved a lot too as it was not sung at its original pace of the song from the album. In the end “Aadat” was sung with the last song being a patriotic one, our one and only “Dil Dil Pakistan”. Following the Royal Rodale’s policy of closing at 12 a.m. the band also wrapped up a melodious, eagerly awaited, fun, exciting and amazing night; right just on the exact time and left to a thunderous clapping and standing ovation by the crowd; just as they were welcomed by them. Event Review By: Adil Ahmed Taj

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