The voyage of musical discovery continues with Coke Studio Season 4!

(Karachi, 10 May 2011) The Coke Studio platform embarks on its fourth season starting 22 May 2011, bringing back a musical fusion of exciting elements and diverse influences, ranging from traditional eastern, modern western and regionally inspired music. With its fourth season, Coke Studio grows to encompass a wider arc of diversity as the voyage of discovery continues in an exploration of the next wave of musical styles and influences.

Coke Studio’s Season 4 expands on the experiences of the previous sessions, continuing along the path of self-discovery with a fresh perspective on the scale of diversity present within music, poetry, cultures and languages that exist in Pakistan; expect a journey that is rich and varied, taking audiences deeper into the realm of classical music – introducing promising new talent, highlighting branches of music that have evolved from the classical root and presenting demonstrations of the ancient art form by universally acknowledged maestros.

Making valuable additions to the country’s talent and cultural revival, Coke Studio Season 4 will also introduce some gifted, yet virtually unknown singers and also showcase styles of music that are almost completely unknown yet exceptional and therefore, very precious. Also in keeping with the platforms’ tradition of expanding the boundaries of mainstream listening, there is the inclusion of regional language songs projecting nine unique languages this season. Coke Studio’s fourth season also continues to acknowledge the importance of contemporary music via fusion and cross-genre collaboration numbers – featuring pop singers, a diverse range of bands and a house-band that combines the best of both Eastern and Western instrumentation.

Speaking about Coke Studio, Rizwan U. Khan, Country Manager of The Coca-Cola Export Corporation, has said, “With Coke Studio’s fourth season, we are proud to showcase Pakistan’s rich but sometimes overlooked cultural diversity and to promote the values of harmony and tolerance through the bridging of boundaries. It is today even more important to identify with Pakistan and for us all to feel a sense of pride owing to the sheer wealth of contemporary talent and historical tradition the country encapsulates. We hope that with Coke Studio, we instill this sense of understanding and identity within our audiences today.

Executive Producer Coke Studio, Rohail Hyatt has said, “Working on Coke Studio 4 has been a wondrous experience. The process of discovering, deciphering and understanding so many different samples of regional and classical music has been a huge undertaking and the responsibility of then reinterpreting and reinventing the material – repackaging it visually and musically – has been an immense challenge. Coke Studio 4 has been a captivating journey. It has been a portal to discovery, inducing our curiosity and compelling us to dwell on the uniqueness of our heritage with renewed pride and respect. Altogether, CS4 has been a very stimulating and rewarding challenge.

Coke Studio debuts on Sunday, 22 May 2011 and will air right through the summer with a new episode every fortnight. Experience this unique, exciting and unparalleled musical journey along with exclusive behind the scenes footage, on television channels and radio stations every fortnight. With over 500,000 Facebook fans and almost two million YouTube views to date, Coke Studio will be available simultaneously on the Internet for viewers all over the world.

More details on Coke Studio’s artists, songs, collaborations, lyrics and airing times will be shared soon.

In the meantime, keep yourself logged on to to follow the Coke Studio journey.

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