The 35 top conspiracy theories surrounding Osama’s death by The News

LAHORE: Within days of al-Qaeda Chief Osama bin Laden’s death; the Internet, television channels and newspapers around the world stand literally littered with loads of conspiracy theories that have sprung up only to ignite heated debates on the more hazy aspects of this most talked about incident.

Those good at analyzing or even inventing conspiracy theories would recall that soon after the 9/11 episode, reports had surfaced that on the day of the attacks on the New York World Trade Centre, geological surveys in this key US city had recorded the greatest amount of seismic activity immediately before the Twin Towers had collapsed, and not when they had actually hit the ground.

These reports had led many people, including Americans, to believe that the towers were blown up with explosives underneath the building and not by the enormous volume of fuel that ignited after the two airliners had exploded.
This argument was further reinforced by the way the Twin Towers had imploded inwards, instead of collapsing sideways.
Questions were consequently raised, physics of the crumbling towers was studied, discrepancies were pointed out, motives and counter-motives of these attacks were deliberated upon and a lot of light was shed on the possibilities of cover-ups and counter-cover-ups of these attacks.

Questions were also asked as to why the Pentagon building was hit on the side that happened to be empty due to renovation purposes on the day of the attacks? While many people were also heard questioning as to why was there no visible evidence of a destroyed airliner among the debris, others were just curious to know as to why had the American fighter jets not scrambled up to intercept the hijacked aircraft until after the third plane had hit the Pentagon?
Those aware of the US Aviation laws were equally suspicious about the failure of the fighter jets to get hold of the hijacked planes, despite it being a legal requirement in the US for these special jets to come into action whenever a commercial airliner changes direction off its flight path.

A section of the US public, in particular, was also heard expressing doubts as to how so much information about the hijackers was released to the media by the FBI so soon after the 9/11 attacks?

For those who normally take these conspiracy theories lightly, it is imperative for them to realize that it was owing to these speculations that the Bush administration had to answer many queries related to the September 11, 2001 attacks, besides having to ‘embarrassingly’ duck a few tricky ones.

It goes without saying that it is because of the unanswered questions and unsolved riddles of the 9/11 incident that the world today is also raising questions about Osama bin Laden’s death.

By the way, many of the hypotheses that have cropped up after Laden’s death will continue to hold a lot of ground till the Pakistani and the US authorities come on the same page to answer all what is being asked by the media and the people.
“The News” has compiled a list of 35 such conspiracy theories, which have recently surfaced in innumerable media outlets like the leading US newspaper “The Washington Post,” the esteemed British daily “The Guardian,” popular global social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, noted American television shows like “The Glenn Beck Show” and the well-admired US Radio programme “The Alex Jones Show.”

In compiling this list, this correspondent has also sought help from a few well-read blogs on the web, for example, the Gideon Rachman’s blog. This informative blog is managed by Gideon Rachman, a former international correspondent of ‘The Economist” and an ex-staffer of “The Financial Times.”

Here follows the list of these conspiracy theories, which have undoubtedly impelled a lot of cynicism and suspicion by raising important questions:

1) The fact that the Americans got rid of Osama’s body so fast – and at sea – will feed the arguments of those who will want to believe that this was not really bin Laden. Secondly, keeping the body for evidence has always been the American law and it should thus have been preserved.
2) Why should the Americans pretend to kill their enemy number one – rather than actually tracking him down?
3) If you are a right-wing American conspiracy theorist, you might argue that it is

because President Obama wants to secure his re-election by becoming a hero.
4) The US is actually looking for an excuse to go to war with Pakistan and seize the country’s nuclear weapons – and has hence made-up this story about killing Osama.
5) Why isn’t there a photograph of bin Laden’s body yet?
6) Was he actually dumped at sea?
7) If the US had paraded Saddam Hussein’s dead sons around, only to prove that they were dead, why did they hastily bury Osama at sea?
8) The day of Osama’s death was actually the eighth anniversary of President George W Bush’s so-called “Mission Accomplished” speech. To some, this coincidence is an opportunity to use “Mission Accomplished” as a rallying cry – to show that almost 10 years after 9/11, the mastermind of the attack is dead. Others may not see this as a coincidence, but a carefully planned public relations act.
9) Despite being one of the most wanted men in the world, Bin Laden was reportedly able to live in a luxury compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan – only 65 miles from the capital city—undetected by the Pakistani military forces. Some critics are questioning, “How could [Bin Laden] be in such a compound without being noticed?”
10) Could the public trust Bin Laden’s DNA samples? DNA proof can be fabricated and so can the photos be.
11) Why the news of Osama’s death was announced mere weeks after President Obama’s campaign kickoff and just days after his birth certificate was released? Why so late on a Sunday night? It is actually an election ploy to bury the Republicans.
12) Various FBI officials and counterintelligence leaders/political personalities from Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan have said for years that Bin Laden was dead. How to believe this new story now? What about the old reports? Why should the US be trusted now?
13) The Pakistanis are afraid of the US flipping to India, so they gave him up.
14) They had him (Osama) targeted for a week, but waited post-Royal wedding to grab the headlines.
15) The Pentagon has set it up to protect their budget.
16) It is a fabrication to get out of Afghanistan with a bit of face.
17) The body was kept frozen since the Tora Bora bombardment.
18) The CIA operative (Raymond Davis), who was caught killing two Pakistanis on a motorcycle in Lahore on January 27 this year, was an integral part of the plan to capture or kill Osama. The frantic attempts of the US government to get Raymond freed from the Pakistani police and the payoffs to the families of those killed and probably to the Pakistani police as well—all show that there were lots of secrets to hide.
19) It is not clear whether an American bullet killed Osama or his associates killed him as per standing orders when the escape was blocked. This could well explain the hurry to drop his body into the sea.
20) Wouldn’t Osama have been more useful dead than alive? Or were the Americans simply led to his grave?
21) Is the War on Terror now over? If not, why not? If not, then the death of Bin Laden means nothing.
22) Alive, OBL was a millipede— but dead and gone— the story has got no legs.
23) After years of casually murdering so many innocent Muslims, the US government now expects us to believe that Islamic tradition was held in high esteem while supposedly disposing of the remains of the Public Enemy Number 1.
24) The day of Osama’s killing was the Holocaust Day here in Israel. The killing of Bin Laden on this very same day is, therefore, more than a little symbolic.
25) If the US respected Islamic traditions, then Osama should have been buried on the site of his death and not washed or shrouded. Although it is understandable that the government did not want to have a place where a shrine might be placed to give Osama any more respect than he deserved, but has the US not pissed the Muslims off by dumping Osama at sea? The only reason a Muslim should be buried at sea is if he drowns there.
26) Where is the video of the so-called raid on Osama’s compound?
27) Why did Benazir Bhutto get killed shortly after she had announced that Bin Laden was killed by someone other than an American?
28) If the security was extremely tight in the highly active military academy town of Abbottabad, then how could the US helicopters fly in unnoticed or unimpeded?
29) How did Osama get there without the help of the Pakistani government?
30) Was it actually OBL that they killed or was it his look-alike?
31) Bin Laden was a US agent and was killed to prevent this fact from becoming public knowledge.
32) US talk show host Alex Jones claimed Osama’s body had been frozen for several years, asserting it was kept on ice by American officials for use as a potential propaganda tool. Jones said he was told by an unnamed White House official in 2002 that Bin Laden was “frozen – literally frozen – and that he would be rolled out in the future at some date.”
33) Bin Laden knew where al-Qaeda’s secret nuclear bomb was kept and was killed to prevent him from leaking its location. Barack Obama, as television commentator Glenn Beck had argued in his show, wanted to keep the bomb’s whereabouts out of public knowledge.
34) Television host Beck also claimed that Osama was alive and was being interrogated at a secret location in connection with al-Qaeda’s nuclear arsenal.
35) The royal couple (Prince William and Kate Middleton) had delayed their honeymoon to avoid a clash with the assassination date.

Source : The News

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