Kokaaf a Pakistani band, formed by guitarist /songwriter Shumraiz Awan in 2008, who along with Giles Goveas (Drums) and Alan Dcruz (Bass) got together and started have causal jams, for a few month and later started to participate in a lot of underground gigs, mainly playing cover from which most the the band member are influenced such as Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Mr. Big, Aeromsmith, Skid Row to name a few, it was the time when the band stared to do there one song which started them to be popular among the crowd and their fan following grew immensely.

The band went on to record their debut album “Naya Jahan” at the “Big Blow Studio”, in 2009, where Mubashir Admani the owner of the studio and brilliant keyboard player, had his vital role by play keyboards and singing harmonies on some of Kokaaf’s songs. The album has a variety of song under the umbrella of rock n roll, having soft to progressive and a touch of classic touch to it.

Band Name: Kokaaf
Song: Baarish

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