Zeb and Haniya’s ‘The Happy Song’ is About Beauty in a Time of Turmoil

The Pakistani all-girl band Zeb & Haniya are using music to show the world a fuller picture of Pakistan. They have a piece titled, ‘The Happy Song’ on their second album which is currently in progress, about beauty in the time of turmoil and intolerance.

The duo have chosen to write songs that are the antithesis of turmoil:

“It is relevant to us, this is the world that we are living in, this the situation that we are surrounded by and we are responding in someway or the other. This song we just wanted it to be a lovely pleasant song that makes you smile and makes you feel good,” says Haniya Aslam.

Zebunnisa Bangash puts it this way:

“Despite everything, there are beautiful things happening in this country, there are moments of happiness, there’s happiness all around, so we thought it might actually be nice to bring that together into a song.”

(via NPR)

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