Zeb Bangash not being given kudos for her Highway melody


Pakistani artist Zeb Bangash is not being given enough acknowledgment for the melody “Sooha Saha” she sung for Bollywood film Highway. On all the media sites, the credits of this melody are given to Alia Bhatt just.

Zeb Bangash

“Sooha Saha”, made by A.r Rahman, has been totally exhibited by media as it is sung by Alia Bhatt just, which isn’t right and not genuine. The majority of the individuals don’t even know the way that Zeb additionally sang the melody. Zeb is a well known standard craftsman and was as of late marked by T-Series for the melody. At the same time, the organization sidelined the craftsman and gave all the credit to Alia.

Newsmakers from Pakistan are a bit furious on this matter and have made a few strides against T-Series to verify the craftsman gets the credit she merited.

The issue was raised and was taken to Mahesh Bhatt too. In a discussion with Roznama Express, he said:

It is extremely vital for an artiste to be paid and given kudos for the work he or she has done.

The extent that Zeb and my girl’s tune is concerned, I accept that the credit ought to go to both of them. In the event that the transferred form of the melody just has Alia’s name in the credits, then it is completely not right. I will address the T arrangement powers in regards to this matter and soon there will be a positive conclusion. I have constantly worked for the dependability of the relationship in the middle of India and Pakistan. I would never need the credit that a Pakistani artiste or vocalist should be given to another person.”

Media additionally attempted to contact Imtiaz Ali, nonetheless, he was occupied in Europe shooting for his next motion picture, so he pardoned and said he would not make any remark on this matter.

Well! This may make disharmony between these two nations. Thus, they ought to intention this clash as quickly as time permits and give enough credit to the next artist who merits it.

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