Soch Band & Shahzaman Alam Performing at Azadi Rally in Lahore (Pictures)

Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan has warned of ‘obstructing’ the NATO supplies if the federal government fails to stop drone strikes in the country.

“We will stage a sit-in in Peshawar for three days on the road, used by NATO tankers and leading to Afghanistan, if the government does not stop the drone attacks on our land” said the PTI chief while addressing a huge gathering near Qartaba Chowk, Mozong on Friday, after leading a PTI rally against desecration of Holy Quran by US priests, the release of Raymond Davis and killing of innocent Pakistanis through drone attacks.

Condemning Zardari-Nawaz for ëmatch-fixingí over the issue of Raymond Davis, Imran said the nation wanted to know how many Raymonds were roaming around in Pakistan to kill the innocent population. As many as 32,000 Pakistanis had lost their lives in the so-called war on terror, he maintained.

He said the corrupt leaders of Punjab and the Centre had sold out the blood of Pakistanis for dollars and countrymen were being killed unabated. He added that PTI would continue fighting for justice for the Pakistanis like Ibad ur Rehman. It was high time for the nation stand up for protecting its honour.

Urging the nation to reject the corrupt leaders, Imran said the politicians having their assets in foreign banks had no room in Pakistan unless they brought back their wealth.

He questioned the credibility of the Parliament which, he said, had come into being with fake votes. He said 45 per cent of the total votes had been declared fake and invalid and more that 30 million youth had been barred from casting their votes. He said a revolution was the need of the hour to bring about change in the country.

Condemning the ‘subjugated’ role of rulers, the PTI chief said they would have to stop the drone attacks as they could no more tolerate the killing of Pakistanis.

He congratulated the PTI Lahore leadership for holding such a successful gathering which was attended by party workers from all corners of Punjab.

The PTI leaders who were present on the occasion included Ahsen Rasheed, Omar Sarfraz Cheema, Talat Naqvi, Mian Mehmood ul Rasheed,Ejaz Chaudhry, Mehmood Gilani,Zaheer Abbas Khokher and many other PTI Punjab leaders.

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