The play called ‘Innuendo’ was nothing short of a very pleasant surprise.

Artfully crafted (although frankly a little too dark for my taste) it combined the different emotions that we experience throughout life and personified them through the performance of some very talented actors that day in Alhamra Hall-I. Fear, Hope, Love, Greed, Penance, Peace, Mr. Modest (who was really not that modest really), Bravery, Cowardice, Mischief were the characters that made the crowd laugh and feel, cry and hoot, and at those rare occasions enthralled. The performance was sprinkled with solo performances by the very talented actor who played Fear and laden with background music (highly clichéd music, if you ask me) and very well-choreographed dance performances as well. Cowardice many-a-times frankly stole the show with his brilliant acting, slap-stick humor and very well executed catch-phrases like jumping in a very comical way, pointing and saying “oh tell him… tell him !” two or three times throughout the hour-and-a-half performance. People could not get enough of Cowardice’s brilliant acting but, criticism where criticism is due: his acting was pretty much negated by Hope’s rather un-extraordinary and banal performance (although I admit her uncannily shrill voice did add unintentional humor to the play) and was a disappointment. Anyway moving from the play to the little details that made the play the play it was… The lighting effects were absolutely brilliant, music selection couldn’t have been better, make-up (de men and de women) did justice to the characters and the performance that was exhibited. Best actors were undoubtedly Fear and Cowardice. For the guys: Mischief was hot. For the girls: Mr. Modest with his mesmerizing 70s disco performance that included a UV light effect made the crowd look in aww as well as his portrayal of the ladies’ man made him very popular with everyone hooting all around, Fear was VERY hot due to his intense monologues. All in all; a play definitely worth a watch and your time.

Written by Taimur Ahmad Chaudhry

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