Call, Amanat Ali, Lagan & Soch live in BHS Multan on 12 Feb 2011

Review by: Mizna Alvi

As the sun slid into darkness our spirits rose high, and the adrenaline began racing in our veins. The evening we all had been waiting for, had finally begun. As the clock ticked past 6p.m, people began flooding into the huge grounds of Bloomfield Hall Upper School and jittery anticipation filled the premises. The horizon was filled with menacing clouds which evolved the fear of rain in our hearts. Soon, our fears came to life as it started to drizzle. Everyone ran for shelter with fingers crossed, hoping that the sky would seal itself for the concert to begin. Though the rain had no reins, the show had to go on!

Organizer Team (we would like to Thanks to all members )

Soaked in rain,the anchors, Akmam Saleem and Fatimah Sattar began introducing the various officials who were working in collaboration for organizing the concert inorder to raise funds for the awareness and relief programme for flood affecties. These included Pak Media Revolution, Dost For Life and Bloomfield Hall School.

Despite the pour, the crowd kept thickening and amid loud cheers Soch-the band came onto the ramp. The musical start to the evening was given by the soft, patriotic song UTH JAWANA which was a call to the new generation for revolution in our country. The band then moved onto other hits which drove the crowd crazy.

As the night draped itself around us, the stage was set on fire despite the nippy wind and the non-stop rain, when Amanat Ali came out into the open. He surely was a heart-throb of all the young girls out there and to the boys, he was the sound which made them go erratic: dancing to his beats. He even mesmerised the senior lot by drifting them back into time when he vocalised some old hits! He ended his performance by his highly energetic and infectious song “Kohram”, to which the crowd danced like mad on the steps he taught. Long after Amanat left the spot-light, people remained under his spell.
The crowd had yelled their throats out but were, still, eager for more. Next came Lagan-the band. They began with a super sweet, soft, calming ballad “Main Yaad Aonga”. The crowd swayed to the rythm of this song and soon the artists moved onto rockier tracks.

Drenched in rain, which began pouring harder, the crowd awaited the popular band Call with baited breaths. They started with some cool guitaring, followed by the song “Pukaar”. The crowd puctuated their performance with loud cheers. Even from a distance, the scenario was bedazzling. The band then moved onto “Laree Chootee”, the soft yet catchy track “Dhadke Jiya” and so on.

Despite all the headbanging, yelling and jumping, the Multanis were eager for more but time was on the run and the musical night had to halt. I am sure this event made it to the Top 5 Countdown for the “Crazziest, Awesomest Evenings” of all those who came! The thousands of people who attended the concert surely made memories to last a lifetime! In the end, people lined to get a picture with a celebrity or rummaged in their pockets for a pen and paper to get an autograph. Few lucky ones had their wish come true! Even hours after the Bloomfield Hall Campus was silenced and evaded by darkness… Multan remained electrified!!!

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