PMR Interview: Arsalan Ali (Director)

1)Hello Arsalan how are you?
. I am very well Thank You.

2)Tell us something about yourself?
Hmmm, lets see i am very enthusiastic, determined and self made. Overall I think that I have a balanced personality.

3)How did your career started?
I have been in the industry for quite some time now. I started off by assisting Angeline Malik in a popular series”Ambulance”.

4)How many videos have you directed till now in how many years?
Ans 4.
I have directed 12 videos in the last 1 years & 8 months….

5)Tell us something about your upcoming projects if any?
Ans 5.
There are a no of upcoming projects.A couple of them r with Dharmveer, Music Mafia and The Sketches Band.

6)Have you directed any Films, Advertisements e.t.c? If yes please tell us the names.
Yes I have directed plays. My first ever short film was a 3rd prize winner at the Gothe Film Festival Karachi and later the film was screened at Johannesburg Film festival. As far as commercials are concerned i have worked as an associate director for Bio Amela hair shampoo, Qalam Tv, etc.

7)With whom you enjoyed most working with? why?
Ans 7.
I enjoyed working with all my clients and it has always been a pleasure and a good learning experience for working with them.

8)How much have you struggled to reach at this point of your stage?
Ans 8.
I have been extremely hard working and dedicated to my profession. My first love is my work. I thoroughly enjoy what I do. So I consider myself amongst those few lucky people who do what they want to do in life.

9)What do you think of PMR and how would you rate it?
Ans 9.
Although there are a number of web sites which are Pakistani music and entertainment based but PMR is one web site which is different from rest of all because of its remarkable interface and it serves as a platform for the upcoming talented individuals in the show business of Pakistan. I would really like to congratulate the entire team of PMR for doing an excellent job. All the best to you all.
On the scale of 1 to 10. Where 1 being the highest. I would rate Ur site on 1.

Interview by Abdul Aleem

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