Strings and Atif Aslam Join Forces with an Awareness Drive

Have you ever wondered why Pakistan is considered an impoverished, almost failed state worldwide?Foreigners are challenging our sovereignty, violating our boundaries, calling us names, terming us as terrorists and what not. Are we, as a nation, this fragile? The answer is a blunt no! And here is why: Pakistan is the 27th largest economy in the world in terms of purchasing power, and the 45th largest in absolute dollar terms, is the first Islamic nuclear power and has the fifth largest army with half a million strength, is the fourth largest producer of cotton and the list goes on. However, due to a myriad of factors, the nation is facing a critical time at present with challenges from home as well as abroad. The reasons for this tough scenario are aplenty and well known to people and for that reason it is futile discuss them here.

And this is why when Strings collaborated with Atif Aslam on the song ‘Ab Khud Kuch Karna Parega’, the song caught on like wildfire. This is the time when the Pakistani public is responding well to the songs that speak about problems that hit us in the face everyday. And as a result, various bodies are being formed to take promote awareness.

As Strings and Atif sang, the bottom line is that we will have to do something on our own to get ourselves out of this turmoil. That’s where initiatives like Azme Alishan come into play. Azme Alishan is a national awareness drive to celebrate the true values of Pakistan in her 70th anniversary year. The Azme Alishan pledge is simple: it’s to affirm amongst ourselves and send a message to the world that we will define our own future as a people and a nation. The drive has been noticed and joined by throngs of young enthusiasts as well as people of other ages. Some of Azme Alishan’s achievement to-date include the largest ever street cleaning initiative in Lahore named Sanwaro Pakistan engaging more than 30,000 people cleaning up their communities, planting trees in local schools, a National Song Competition television show where 30 songs were selected from a long-list of initial entries received from young and talented singers, a new digital library for Pakistan – Manzare Pakistan which invites Pakistanis at home and abroad to send their images, audio and video clips and stories of Pakistan to the website to celebrate the best of Pakistan and most important of all, a Flood Relief drive in the affected areas.

Azme Alishan received a major boost recently when top guns of Pakistani pop-rock domain, Strings and Atif Aslam donated their highly acclaimed inspirational track ‘Ab Khud Kuch Kerna Parega’ in a jam-packed press conference in the city of lights. The track will be treated as Azme Alishan’s anthem and promoted through a special 45-second television video where the artists endorse the movement and call on fellow Pakistanis to join in.

Indeed, a true show of patriotism on the part of Strings and Atif Aslam. On a critical basis, one witnesses the similarity of the theme between the song and the drive’s initiative. The song’s title ‘Ab Khud Kuch Kerna Parega (Now We Will Have to Do Something on Our Own)’ is synonymous with a part of drive’s motto. The magnetism which the personalities of the three musicians possess will be very beneficial in propagating the message of the patriotic drive.

In his speech, Faisal Kapadia of Strings thought-provokingly said, “The country needs a positive approach at this crucial time. The song speaks out the heart of the common man that we will have to something on our own.” About the campaign, Faisal said, “since the campaign launched in March, we’ve seen it make a real difference by giving a voice to the silent majority and by taking action to genuinely make life better for people in our nation.” Bilal chipped in with the following words, “no one will come to improve our conditions. We will have to something on our own to make things better.” And added, “Azme Alishan is all about bringing people together and encouraging them to commit to building a better future for Pakistan.” Atif Aslam looking smart in a trendy hat also showcased his views in the following lines, “as a proud Pakistani, I would like to see more positive things bringing all Pakistanis together as one nation – to make Pakistan better. I agree with the Newsweek that we are bravest nation in the world!”

The trio answered various questions thrown by the media persons. One journalist inquired if there were plans of the trio of getting into politics and lead the nation. Bilal intelligently replied, “We are musicians and our job is making music. If we can inspire people by music, then I think it’s the best we can do.” When asked if the song is political in nature, Faisal calmly answered, “We haven’t spoken of politics. We have conveyed a message that it’s high time that we quit relying on others and did everyone thing on our own. And for that, we will have to improve even our small actions.” Another question was about the imminent collaborations with other artistes on a similar project or if the trio would team up with bands/artistes if the latter so desired. Bilal was quick to respond, “If any artiste wants to collaborate with us for a similar project, he/she is most welcome. In fact, every artiste must come out with such inspirational numbers. “

However, the most striking point of the event was the live acoustic rendition of the track by the trio. To my surprise, the song sounded heavenly and more polished than the studio version.

Atif’s improvisation was terrific as he went from low to high notes commandingly. Faisal as always was captivating on vocals while Bilal showcased his flair with mellow guitar waves.

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