Band: Qayaas
Song: Pukaar

Pukaar is an impassioned plea (a small effort from our side) for reaching out to the victims of the recent floods. One of the worst natural calamities in recent memory, the flood has been termed by International media as a “bigger disaster than the tsunami.” 2 months on, we strongly feel that the response has been wanting in in the aspects of official patronage and long term rehabilitation. After the initial out pour where individuals went all out in providing food and relief goods to the affectees, there has been little effort to channelize these efforts into an organized response. Mismanagement and corruption has made it even more difficult to get aid across to the most deserving. The need for a planned long term rehabilitation program is being given little or no importance just like so many other important issues facing our country. We collectively as a nation need to “reclaim our faith from the clutches of indifference and disbelief”.

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