Nadia Khan Show Banned by Dubai Govt

Nadia Khan Show Banned by Dubai Govt behalf of Court order. Nadia Khan a popular host , was doing Morning show on GEO TV.
Sources said that Nadia has telecast Noor & her Husband Fight before her interview.Her Husband claimed in Court that ” It was our Family matter ” So Court gave order to ban her show in Dubai for six months.
NKS showed recording of Noor and her husband fight on youtube which causes a great loss to NKS ..

actress noor and ex husband arguements before nadia khan show

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  1. i think this was bound to happen because nadia khan acts as if she controls the world. but after watching that video, i see what a low life pathetic husband noor has, and nadia khan had a point.

  2. dubai govt is best… they showed her right place…. too egoistic she thinks too much of herself as she is everything… congratulations nadia khan

  3. what a stupid bi..tch Nadia khan is!!
    firstly what gives her the right to interfere in other peoples business? especially between husband and his wife!
    the guy was only trying to stop his wife and Nadia khan with her big ass ego steps in and accuses him of abusing her lol!
    maybe Nadia believes she can relate to miss Noor’s situation having a similar situation in her marriage??!
    what makes me cringe is the fact she starts shouting at the security guys like its their business. not that i have seen Noor on tv as much but from whati have heard she is a bit of a hore on tv, so do you blame her husband for wanting to know whats gona hapen on the show and with who ?

  4. Anonymous what planet you living on?? exposed what exactly??

    by the way I haven’t a clue why her show is as famous as it is , seeing all her shows are based soley on her! and everything in the show revolves around her , her life , her ego !
    we need more pakistani hosts who are actually good at interviewing celebs , politicians etc.. without imposing their persona onto the whole show , another example of another host prick with no prick is begum nawishali !!
    come on people we need new talent not wanabe nothings who think they are in some wonderland

  5. the w.hore noor had a hindu husband. she deserve the appropriate punishment. i suggest she should also shift to india. as far as nks is conerned, khas kum jahan pak

  6. Good. The only bad thing is it is banned only for six months.
    Noor is a randi/twaif of sailkot red light area.

  7. hi,,,,nad yar what happend??????????????where r u ?????????????? i,m still waiting 4 ur show……….don,t care abt anybody……get ready 2 start again……. v r vid uuu………b brave………

  8. Nadia khan tu apne pehle program se hie batameez hai, jab NTM par Uncle Sargam k saath show karti thee tab se hie batameezi karti thee, aur afsos awam par bhi hota hai k woh batameezi ko bold, funny, naughty keh kar like karna shuru kar daite hain, Noor aur uske husband k darmiyan jo bhi hoa woh unka personal matter tha, NK ko beech mae nahi bolna chaheay tha…aur jitne woh bharam dikha rahi thee, woh bhool gai k DUBAI mae jahan rules and regulations hotay hain wahin par INDIANS ka zor bhi bohat chalta hai…aur waise bhi aap kisi ko izzat dain gai tu izzat hasil karain gai, agar yehi larai nadia khan aur uske husband k beech hoti aur koi aur host isko record kar k live tv par chala daita tu nadia khan ka reaction kia hota???? dosroon ko mazak banany se pehle sochna chaheay k waqat palta bohat taizi se khata hai, koi aap ka bhi kisi din mazak bana sakta hai.

  9. whts wrong to our people. if u dont like the show then y r u all watching her. Nadia khan was rite. we all with u nadia Khan. keep it up. tc

  10. whoever and whatever Noor was, she was called at NKS as a guest. It was Nadia Khan’s duty to protect her anyway and she just did it. Her husband was misbehaving in public, he must have dealt his FAMILY MATTERS at home! Nadia khan i am with you! you were RIGHT! plzzz Guyz if you cant help people this way then don’t criticize others doing that

  11. sahe kaha fedup apne.
    ham awam he in jesi aurto ki badtameezi ko just joke, fun lete thy.
    sach to ye he ke is jesi aurte maashre ko kharab karne ka ba’iz hain. ye apne aap ko musalman kehti hy, par lagti nahe hy. kiu ke Musalman aurte is tara nahe krti aur apne shohar ke sath to bilkul nahe chahe wo galat kiu na ho. nadia i hate you sooooooo much.
    tum musalman aurat nahe hosakti, mera dawa hy ye.


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