Amanat Ali’s Management Gets Rights of Unofficial Fan Pages

Amanat Ali’s Management got rid of all fake fan pages
Amanat Ali’s Management was trying to get rid of his fake fan pages since a while as he got international fame since saregamapa and many fans, promoters etc around the globe made a lot of fake fan pages which were not authorized by Amanat Ali’s Management.
However, the main challenge has been to direct fans to his Official website and Fan Page. All celebrities these days are facing similar problems with several entities taking advantage of their popularity by misleading fans to join unauthorized sites. As a result, artists are not able to reach their fans; fans do not receive updates and are totally oblivious of the situation!!!

This week Amanat Ali’s Management has made some strides in solving that problem. They have been successful in establishing their identity with Facebook and getting some large fake fan groups deleted. It’s encouraging to note that Facebook has taken timely and responsible action, by not only removing the unauthorized pages, but also transferring the fans to Amanat’s Official FacebookFanPage!!!

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