Artist: Jawed Shalwani
Song: Yaad

The Rising Talent Of Pakistan Music Industry ‘Jawed Shalwani’ is basically Karachi based, coming soon with music video of this brilliant single ‘Yaad’.

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  1. this is a cooppppppppyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy of a english song .. no matter hopeless…
    jawed is chooooooooooooooooooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  2. haha ali pls tell me which english song is it ? i really want to knw which song did i copy .. 😛

  3. hey….i lyk ur song & voice too……
    i js dnt thnk ki ds song is a copy version of any eng song……….

  4. @ Ali…
    Who Cares If It’s A Copy There Are Billion People Who Copy Songs From Others Do You Give A F*** About that? Huh! Answer If You Can Punk Ass

    Its A Good Song I Like It. Keep It Up Make Pakistan Proud…
    I’m Coming Next…

  5. Some people are just born to criticize. Ye copy he wo copy he. Some people will criticize everything Pakistani.

    They don’t want the Pakistani music industry to succeed.

  6. @ flora
    true say. dont worry Jawed. just do your thing man. alot of influences are the same around the world so here and there there MAY be similarities but it doesn’t change what your own unique vision is. keep it up man.

  7. Good Job Jawed, the video looks good too .. Just one request please, always post the Artist and Studio credits. Good Luck for all your Future Endeavors .

  8. the video is missing.. i’ll check it out some other time..
    lead is good.. but would have done better with the music composing..!! which is the only thing letting the song down!
    overall.. not too bad.!! lyrics have lack of depth in it .. the same sequence of beats wasnt something i would suggest the new comer.. and then a complete break every 30 secs of the song?? and then all of a sudden taking the song to the peak in the end.? do u think was that necessary? just a question?
    the beginning is like an old style thing.. n in the end paki RocK… fit ppl with different tastes! init?
    anyway.. good luck matey!



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