Ali Zafar impresses David Dhawan

This year has proved to be very lucky for the Prince of Pop, Ali Zafar who made his bollywood acting debut with the film Tere Bin Laden, which won him a lot of critical praise that he later bagged a film with the Yash Raj banner, who wasted no time in signing him as second lead in Mere Brother Ki Dulhan.

Ali Zafar is also bonding big-time with his co-stars, noting that his co-stars were “fun to work with” and that Imran Khan was very friendly while Katrina Kaif was nice and professional.

“I’m teaching Katrina (Kaif) how to play the guitar. She already knows four chords and can play two songs. She wants to be a rock star by the end of the shoot, she’s a quick learner. She’s promised me that if our film does a business of Rs 60 crore, she will do a music video with me,” laughs Ali Zafar.

Ali in David Dhawan’s next?

Ali Zafar is also one of the top contenders to play the lead role in David Dhawan’s next, tentatively titled Chashme Badoor. A source says, “Ali has caught eyeballs with his debut film Tere Bin Laden. Ali is suitable for romantic roles with his chocolate boy looks. David has reportedly met him in Delhi and narrated the script of his next comedy flick Chashme Badoor.

When asked about the films he’s doing, Ali Zafar says, “You can expect some announcements soon,” he promises, quickly adding that it need not be David Dhawan’s Chashme Badoor. “David and I have only met once briefly and discussed movies in general. I’m learning to interact with the media here, sometimes they can make me out to be arrogant and wannabe-ish.”

Right now Ali is busy shooting his film with Katrina and Imran. He will fly down to Mumbai next week to finalise the rest of the details about Dhawan’s film.

Ali’s next album, Jhoom

Ali is also gearing up for the release of his new album, Jhoom, by the year-end. “It’s been four years since Masty and my fans were missing Ali, the singer,” he says, adding that he’s not just written and composed the songs this time, but also mixed and arranged them.

“The songs are more Sufist and make a distinction between what’s real and what’s fake, what’s permanent and what’s temporary.”

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