Artist : Ismaeel Qasim
Song: Dost
Album : Mera Dost

“DOST” his debut single release has rung bells all across the country.
Based on total reality and emotions..
this track has touched the heart of every person person who has given an ear to this song..
The title “DOST” speaks a lot for itself
full of feelings,emotions, agony, tears.. depth and trauma faced..
this track has given sparks worldwide.

Ismail Qasim has persuaded people to think back about their past, and many who’ve had a dark beginning in this cruel world..
Who have made wrong assumtions about someone.. Frienship that later went onto something called Love..
Decieving, promises, happiness, love, feelings is what a listener can think of.. A person can picturize many phases oh his life in black and white.

Do not miss this track, and do give few minutes to it.. It definitely will make you think of something deep.. =)


Ye zindagani hai,udhuri kahani hai..
Yadoon mein tu hi raha…
Kesay ye hogya,tu mujh mein samoo gya
Mein bhi tera hogya..

Kia ajab dastaan hai hui,zindagi tu meri ban gyaaa…


Tujh say hi hai shuruh,ye jahaan
Tu na ho to udhuraa ye samaan
DOST tujhy hai chaha,sub say barh kar manaaa


Alfaaz hain wo teray,ye hawaain jin say chalti hain
Tu muskara day agar,ye phool tab hi to khiltay hain Dost meray…
Tujhy mein dil say aj ye kehta huun,ehsaan hai ye tera
Tu nay mujhy dil say jo hai apnaaaa lia ….

your comments:


  1. i just loved this song … are you going to perform any where coz i want to lissten to you live

  2. Mylee it,s really an awesome track .
    Music 100 %
    Singing 100%
    Lyrics 100%
    Mylee you are a future of our country ,in short Aaallllllllaaaaaaa & kamaal kar diya

  3. i like the way u sing… the voice comes from the core of ur heart .. reallyy v nice.. keep it up dude

  4. heard da track on youtube nd since den hav been listning 2 it..reminds me of ma frndx i love da most.. really mindblowing..
    love it.. keep up da gud work..

  5. awwwwwww… alaaaa yar !!! really v sweet,emotionall nd full of feelings..
    rawking…. full marks to vocals aswell…

  6. first of all i wanna tell u about my self am also a musician , actually am a vocalist of a band named ASH…i have heard this guy he iz simply awesome…am speechless after listening his song…our band need a vocalist like u so if u r intrested do let me know…best ov luck fo ur future…keep rockiNg 🙂

  7. Really buhat alaa !!! mindblowing … akheeeeeeer …
    xpecting da same excellence frm u in future .. all da v best …

  8. it’s a lovely song … every time i hear it,it takes me to a new world :p
    lub it !!! muahh !!!

  9. uffffff……stilll trying to get out ov d world……ur song placed me intooooo………..its romanchickly awsomeee!!!!……ur lyrics r sooo touching…….n i cn say dix particular song “DOST” wil be one ov d big hits in 2010……looking forward to ur album

  10. Sir i love DOST .. mashallah v v good .. acha kam huwa huwa hai ..
    nd m on ur facebook fanpage aswell,waiting for ur next audio launch now .. uss k lyrics buhat akheer hain jo ap nay page pe likhay hain .. DOST rocks nd waitinnnngggggggg for “KURI PATAKI ” .. 🙂

  11. Ye Song Jo Ha Bohat Piyara Ha magar Is main Koi FeelingZ Nahi Ha
    Agar thori si bi FeElinGs Ko Zahir Kiya jata to Out standing Hota

  12. ”Mylee Man”
    Ur song DOSt is simply awesome,touchin lyrics blah blah…n i cant w8 4r ur next song 2 releas…inshallah KURI-PATAKHI ays seh bhi zada hit jay ga….

  13. yar simply awsome……..touching,soft and evrything yar dun haf words to xpress it seriously….aajkal mujhe pe jo fit aa raha hai=)
    great yar….i hope you’ll do some more these kinda songs… wishes for you bro


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