Artist: Moen Jo Daro
Song: Garmi On

Lead Vocals: Sarmad Hussain
Lead Guitars/ Compositions & Arrangements: Usman Bin Sohail
Bass: Harris Wahid
Drums: Ahsan Cheema

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  1. i Had heard moen jo daro playing live at a cafe at MM alam Road!! their live act kicked a** . but i dont know the vocalist doesnt sound the same as i heard him live.. he was too good live.. a year back..then i heard them a while back at Uptown.. he Totally sucked..!! sorry man!! but you guys need to work out the force that you once had.. i think the song is over loaded with useless guitar solo… i would suggest the guitarist to have this stuff for his solo instrumentals rather than destroying a offence i am just a listener of music..said what i thought..

    for general people do listen to it..


  2. Dissapointing recording of the song.Flaws in the production it sounds like.Vocals are fading away at too many places behind the music.How did you ppl record it? moreover are the loops/machine drumming used?


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