Artist: DJ Harun Ft. Sam Sahotra
Song: Joora

New York is once again going to be put on the map for yet another upcoming music producer. DJ Harun has broken the barrier, and officialy hit the mainstream bhangra scene with his debut single, “Joora” featuring Sam Sahotra from Lahore ,Pakistan. The single track will be releasing worldwide and will be available for download off of itunes as well.

Sam Sahotra is the young member of new western bhangra world.Sam belongs to a Christian family lives in Pakistan and speaks Punjabi, Urdu & English. Sam studied Pakistani classical music with Ustad A.W Neelam Sahib from the age of eight, and grew up singing in his Local Church and also in school. He excelled in the choirs and performing as tabla nawaz. Sam Sahotra is influenced by the magnificent music of Malkit singh,& Sukhshinder Shinda, from whom he has learnt a lot form.

Sam has been working hard alongside DJ Harun on this album for a couple of years and has been inspired to further his career in Music as the love for music has always been concealed in him ever since he was a child. Being a Christian, Sam takes music as a holy blessing and worships it with all his heart. But with the course of time, this exquisite taste for music got invigorated and enhanced manifold. It is because of this love, dedication and hard work that he is here making a new wave in the industry today.

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  1. hey man its really stunning and mind blowing song its is also popular throughout Uk tell us when are coming to Uk to Perform here we are missing u. God bless u and keep it up……………….

  2. kool mam it was really fantastic song. Especially for Bhangra hope to see ur live perfmance soon ……..


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