Artist: Atir Abbas
Song: Kehna Na Tha
Lyrics & Composed by: Atir Abbas
Guitars / Bass / Drum Sequencing: Jonathan
Mixed / Mastered & Produced in Tritone Studio by Jonathan

Atir Abbas, on february 9th, 1988, was born in Rawalpindi. When he turned 4, he accompanied his family on their move to peshawar. He is the youngest of his siblings; a sister and a brother being old to him. Atir is a self-taught musician, singer and a fervid composer. Growing up, he watched his parents sacrifice with might and main, all their strength and belongings, to provide the best for their beloved children. Having always had an imperishable passion for music since the very beginning, he spent hours of his time listening to every kind of music. On turning 14, he decided to transmute his musical bubble into a tangible reality, and pursue his life-long dream. He started writing his own songs at the age of 15, and alongside began to master the know-how of several musical instruments.
Over the years of persistant hardwork and anticipation, his capacity of staying put and optimistic, transform him into a good guitarist and a melodious singer. Although his mother-whom he loves dearly- had a critical opinion of his musical ambition; he had his sister’s and friends’ support from the beginning; and as time ticked by, even his dubious mom was oneover by the spell-binding talent her son possesses.
Atir now plays soft rock. Things weren’t as easy for him as they seem. His music had to suffer a protracted break -of almost two years -after his father’s tragic demise, when Atir was only 16. He took his time pulling himself up in one piece and pinning a smile to his face, to continue with his music; and if it was not for the unfortunate event that hindered the flux of his music, he would have risen to the crest in flying colors, quite long ago. He had to work part-time alongside his studies in order to capitalize his music objectives. Determined, he pulled off every challenge, never giving up; and now he has really done it !

Yes readers, Atir, in his early 20’s, is now launching his debut song ” Kehna Na Tha “, hoping intently that you all like it, enjoy it, and applaud his tenacious efforts. He deserves a thumbs-up for his vibrant work !
Atir pays special thanks to Salman Albert(E.P), Sami Khan(Lagan), Saqib Aziz, Maryam, Waqar Afzal Mirza and Malik Naeem for their endless support that helped him climb the steps up the long ladder of his musical journey.

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  1. song has major flaws . the consistency, the arrangement , the recording , the drum sequencing and the over all quality of the instruments is just immature to say the least. if you ve recorded this at home then bravo other wise another tom dick and harry song


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