Noted actor, comedian and compere Moeen Akhtar, 60, passed away on Friday.

He was suffering from a heart disease to which he succumbed today. Along with other awards he also won pride of performance. He also very popular in India where he hosted scores of entertainment shows.

Moeen Akhtar, a young skinny man from Karachi, started his career in 1966 with a variety show, and before long became a face familiar across the nation for acting on TV, movies, stage and theatre, hosting of varietyshows, and humorous impersonations of famous personalities including actors Muhammad Ali, Waheed Murad, Dilip Kumar, and singers Mehdi Hasan and Ahmad Rushdi.


While talking to Dunya News, well-known actress Bushra Ansari said she met Moeen Akhtar a few days ago and he looked very weak, but he always preferred work to rest. She said she had never met such a hard working actor in her life.

Mujahid Sheikh, while commenting on legendary actor, said he could host all type of shows. He could very adriotly mimick Dalip Kumar and many other noted actors. He proved his genius in almost all the fields of acting and performing art.

Suhail Ahmed said Moeen had a very charming personality who loved all. He said he looked very week when he met him last.

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