Artist: Kharaj The Band
Song: Tau Kiya Hua
Vocals, Lyrics, Composition & Guitars : Usman A Khan
Bass : Kaisar Shakeel
Drums & Precussions: Saqib Nasir
Mixed, Mastered & Produced by Jonathan Nawaz

K h a r a J:
For most of us Kharaj will not be a word, normally used in daily conversations. It has its origin in Eastern Classical Music Language, meaning ‘Root Note’.

This band of three talented youngsters is considered one of the most energetic, electrifying and crowd pleasing acts in Islamabad.

Kharaj music falls in Soft Rock Genre. Kharaj music highlights the need for sensitivity, firstly, towards oneself, to gauge one’s true desires and potential, and the consequent pursuit of those, and secondly, sensitivity towards society and the external environment, so that one can play a constructive role in its betterment.

We all believe “music speaks” through it’s magical power the band has tried to capture the audience, with highly energetic music and lyrics every youngster can relate to. The band has not only formed but also nurtured a dedicated & strong fan base within a short span of time.

The band is known for its hard hitting impact in a multitude of interactive experiences, be they live, interpersonal or internet based.

Currently working on their ventures, including videos, creating fine works of creative music, performing live aswell as promoting their music, these boys have come a long way but it is just the beginning for these zealous musicians…and we hope a lot more is still to come

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  1. Have all the Pakistani bands all decided to sound like each other? It just sounds like the rest of the rubbish that’s on this site…

  2. Awesome work guys. Way to go.

    @Zain: The guy you are talking about was associated with the band for a year or so..He wasn’t even permanent member of the band. After being kicked out of Kharaj for his pathetic behaviour, he leaked Kharaj’s debut video and this title Track on youtube and facebook, claiming it to be his composition, on which action was taken immediately and was being STOPPED. But the fact is that you guy Hassam can’t even sing or compose and has proven to be a genuine looser time & time again.

    As for the musicianship, ALL OF YOU WHO VISIT THIS PAGE, please visit the link, this guy mentioned and go see it all for yourself 🙂


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