Artist: Resurection
Song: Jhootay Khwaab

Resurrection is an Islamabad based band performing a wide range of music from Progressive Metal to Thrash Metal. Despite being formed back in 2006, it was not till the end of 2007 that the present line-up was established. The two original members; Hasan Zafar (Lead guitars), and Shershah Ahmed (Drums) were joined by Noroze Dani (Lead guitars) and Hashim Zaman (bass). Shortly after, Imad Hasan (vocals) joined the band to complete the line-up.

Band Members:
Hasan Zafar (Lead guitars)
Shershah Ahmed (Drums)
Noroze Dani (Lead guitars)
Hashim Zaman (bass)
Imad Hasan (vocals)

Composition: Hasan Zafar/Noroze Dani/Shershah Ahmad/Hashim Zaman/Imad Hasan
Production: Waqas Naeem

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  1. Thanks for the comments guys 🙂 but id just like to point out one thing to the listeners as well as the good people at PMR.our name is spelt as “Resurrection”,not “Ressurection”

  2. Wow… nicely put together… when are you gonna tour here in the U.S.?
    My niece has an alternative band who is incredible live (Ume)… but I don’t like the way her cd has been produced or engineered or whatever. You guys sound great on this record… Best of luck!!!!

  3. well :/ ……… i wont say itz a bad effort but when u listen to it, itz just music widout any feel ….. wellll if u really wana listen metal then u better go and check out this band which i came across while surfing ……..ummm itz Atrox and their song is Mitti. well just got to listen to their one song and itz just simple amazing ……….. anywayz best of luck for the future guys


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