Artist: Rizwan Anwar
Song: Aa Ja Na (Cover) [Tribute To Najam.Sheraz.Uppal]

Vocals : Rizwan Anwar
Guitars : Saad Sultan
Produced and Recorded by Saad Sultan at Sidereal Studios

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  1. Pappi Due hai meri Taraf se ……… Best cover , i like your version more then Shiraz uppal’s , seriously…
    Zehreelay Vocals de diye hain yaar …. Chaa gya jay MUNDA …

  2. lola is baaaaaaaaKKK wiTH a gaaLi ,,, 😀 😀 😀
    sOoo …
    MR RIZ

    Kitnaaaaaaaaaa Ghatiyaa Aur chutiyaa Gana Gyaa hauii Uffhhh maar jaa Tu :@@@
    tera guitar kis kanjuuurrrr nay bAjaya haEy .. toobaa .. kayamat ki Nishaniyan ho tum dono aur tum dono kee mosiki.

  3. superd! awesome — vocals are amazing zabardast execution. I think Rizwan has done better job than original singers. we want more from you Rizwan keep them coming.

  4. nice song and nice vocals.. mwah
    but tera wo pyaar to best tha na :P…
    aala awaz paye hai aap ne 🙂 MASHALLAH SE

  5. bht allaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa RiXooo bht hi allaaa nice Vocals

    bhai tum apnay har ganay main yeh achanak hayraan kyon ker daytay ho sab ko ….
    gana kuch hota ha usay kuch bana detay ho …..bht hi allaaa sir ji

    Mashallah Dost I always pray 4 ur success…

  6. amazing job done…..ive been jamming here with Junaid Younus all the time he was here in islamabad with me……and thats when i found out the potential in Siege ….and trust me….im loving ur work like anything…amazing cover BUT “Marna” and “Arzee” are on repeat these days on my PC;)

    all the best guys;)
    Muqeet Khan

  7. hey whea did siege come from dude??? :S
    this cover has been sng by rizwan anwar aka rizoo!!!!!
    siege has nothing to do with it!!!

  8. jani tu nay dill khush ker diya hai 😀 loved it bro very nice vocals……i really wish that tu ghalat logon ke hathay na cherha hota jinhon nay recording ke laaray de ke tera time zaya kiya nai tu aaj tu apni album launch ker chuka hota per this is life :p ager main koi song likhon tu will you sing it :S

  9. Roya Re…this song i heard on a Bollywood movie…’DHOKA’
    Now this Version is also Awesome…LOng LiVe pAk Bands….and SinGers…frm Bangladesh…

  10. ok alot of people are mixing alot of things here……i thought this dude was one of the members of siege:P and yea wats with najam sheraz uppal???? hahahahaha


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